The Sustainable Wine Roundtable (SWR) is a unique coalition – the only global, independent roundtable to include the whole value chain.

Working together, we will define sustainable wine in practical detail and develop a global sustainability reference standard.

SWR welcomes your participation for collaborative action. Whether you are a producer, distributor, retailer, a logistics partner or an academic, take your place at the table.

Our VISION is of a world where high quality wine is produced, traded and consumed in ways that conserve and regenerate the natural environment, respect human rights and foster quality and inclusion; and generate prosperity, pride and passion for excellence.

Our MISSION is to convene the global wine industry to facilitate knowledge sharing, enable practical solutions and inspire sustainability action.

SWR Founding Members

  • As a global organisation supporting the wine and tourism industries, we believe that sustainability is an essential factor in the responsible development of these sectors; we believe that wine tourism is a great tool to raise awareness of sustainability issues and we are delighted to be a founding member of the Sustainable Wine Roundtable to lay the groundwork for a definition of what wine destinations should commit to respond to climate, environmental and social issues of sustainability
    Great Wine Capitals
    Industry Association
  • "VSPT Wine Group is proud to join as founding members of the SWR, we have understood that a healthier ecosystem is one that works collaboratively and respectfully with others. Gathering the whole productive chain in one table is key to address bigger and higher challenges of the present and future of wine”
    VSPT Wine Group
  • “We are committed to building a sustainable product range as part of our vision to make ‘good food accessible to everyone’. We are delighted to be founding members of the Sustainable Wine Roundtable as we feel that by working collectively we have the opportunity to develop and co-create ambitious, global standards for sustainable wine production that can help tackle some of the most pressing issues facing the industry and move the whole category forwards.” Amali Bunter, Head of Responsible Sourcing and Ethical Trade, Lidl GB
    Lidl GB
  • “At Whole Foods Market, we want customers to feel good about what they’re putting in their baskets. Responsible sourcing and environmental stewardship have been key parts of who we are and how we've done business since we first opened our doors in 1980. To this day, we’re always looking for ways to do more for our planet because we believe it’s worth it for our customers, team members and suppliers, and critical to our mission of Nourishing People and the Planet. The wine program highlights sourcing from partners focused on sustainable practices. Our goal is to evolve the definition of this business practice and we look forward to our involvement with the Sustainable Wine Roundtable to collaborate and contribute to the sustainability goal.”
    Whole Foods Market
  • “It is great to see how the SWR is bringing all wine stakeholders to an independent roundtable that will not only gather the whole wine community around a common vision for sustainability, but will also help to agree on sustainability standards and to share best practices. SWR can work as a boost for the whole wine sector to collaboratively act on climate change.” IWCA founding members Katie Jackson (Jackson Family Wines – USA) and Miguel A. Torres (Familia Torres – Spain)
    International Wineries for Climate Action
    Industry Association
  • “As an organization we believe that only through collaborative action will we be able to effectively address Climate Change. To do so we have been connecting the wine sector and sharing climate solutions for the industry worldwide. As such, we are excited to partner with Sustainable Wine Roundtable and be part of its endeavour. Their project will benefit the Global wine community by clarifying the concepts and frameworks for sustainable development."
    The Porto Protocol
    Industry Association
  • "Sustainability concerns have been paramount at for some time. We devoted our 2020 writing competition to them. I’m delighted to say that they are also extremely important to our new American owners, Recurrent Ventures. The brother of one of the two managing partners is Chief Scientist and CEO of We are delighted to support the work of the Sustainable Wine Roundtable and hope that it will benefit us all."
    Industry Association
  • “Coming together as a group with an aim of defining what sustainability means for the wine industry, in theory and in practice, represents a major step towards safeguarding the future of wine production and consumption, globally. We are proud to be founding members of this highly progressive collaboration.”
    Journey’s End Vineyards
  • “Amorim Cork are delighted to join the SWR as a founding member. Collaboration on sustainability is crucial and we are ready to share natural cork’s unique credentials with the international wine trade.”
    Amorim Cork
    Industry Association
  • "Treasury Wine Estates is proud to be a founding member of the SWR and help build a global wine sustainability standard to cultivate a brighter future for all.”
    Treasury Wine Estates
  • “The Sustainable Wine Roundtable will be where the industry comes together all along the value chain to drive progress. We’re pleased to be a founding member."
    Distributor & Importer
  • “The Sustainable Wine Roundtable will be where the industry comes together all along the value chain to accelerate innovation through collaboration. We’re pleased to be a founding member.”
    Industry Association & Standards Body
  • “We’ve joined the Sustainable Wine Roundtable to contribute with the growth of collaborative environments within the wine industry.”
    Grupo Avinea
  • “The wine industry needs to come together to define sustainability, develop a global standard, collaborate and work out how to talk to consumers. We at Systembolaget are happy to support this work as a founding member”
  • “As a leading retailer we know how important sustainability is to our customers. The SWR will be a great way for us to work with others to learn how we can all clarify sustainability messages for wine and drive change.”
    Waitrose & Partners
  • "Collaboration is very important to drive sustainability, and we must be efficient in how we do it. The SWR provides the platform to do just that, and we are delighted to support their important work as a founding member."
    Catena Institute of Wine
    Industry Organisation

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