The Sustainable Wine Roundtable (SWR) is a unique coalition – the only global, independent roundtable to include all stakeholders in the wine sector.

Working together, we will define sustainable wine in practical detail and develop a global wine sustainability standard.

SWR welcomes your participation for collaborative action. Whether you are a producer, distributor, retailer, a logistics partner or an academic, take your place at the table.

Our VISION is of a world where high-quality wine is produced, traded and consumed in ways that conserve and regenerate the natural environment; foster human rights, equality and inclusion; and generate prosperity, pride and passion for excellence.

Our MISSION is to bring the global wine community together to achieve that vision.

SWR Founding Members

  • “Amorim Cork are delighted to join the SWR as a founding member. Collaboration on sustainability is crucial and we are ready to share natural cork’s unique credentials with the international wine trade.”
    Amorim Cork
    Industry Association
  • “The Sustainable Wine Roundtable will be where the industry comes together all along the value chain to drive progress. We’re pleased to be a founding member”.
    Distributor & Importer
  • “The Sustainable Wine Roundtable will be where the industry comes together all along the value chain to accelerate innovation through collaboration. We’re pleased to be a founding member”
    Industry Association/Standards Body
  • “We’ve joined the Sustainable Wine Roundtable to contribute with the growth of collaborative environments within the wine industry.”
    Grupo Avinea
  • “The wine industry needs to come together to define sustainability, develop a global standard, collaborate and work out how to talk to consumers. We at Systembolaget are happy to support this work as a founding member”
  • “As a leading retailer we know how important sustainability is to our customers. The SWR will be a great way for us to work with others to learn how we can all clarify sustainability messages for wine and drive change”
    Waitrose & Partners
  • "Collaboration is very important to drive sustainability, and we must be efficient in how we do it. The SWR provides the platform to do just that, and we are delighted to support their important work as a founding member"
    Catena Institute of Wine
    Industry Organisation

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