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Why join?

Be a pioneer in driving wine sustainability.

Be part of the journey towards creating consensus around what global sustainability means in wine.

Have the opportunity to co-fund research projects, and reinforce your sustainability credibility with customers and partners, while building your network and knowledge.

The Sustainable Wine Roundtable (SWR) has rapidly become the hub for action in wine sustainability.

Our independence and non-profit status ensure objectivity while we help the wine community to take its place on the world sustainability stage.

The SWR is member-driven and the active participation and support from representatives across all geographies and sectors is key.

We are committed to ensuring a balance of participation to tackle key issues and standards holistically and practically.


Membership is open to the whole wine value chain – from production to retail.

All members will be able to participate in the development of the SWR global sustainability reference standard and co-fund research projects while gaining access to information on best practices, tools and reliable partner organisations who share a vision of sustainable wine.

Members will access the many benefits of participating to save money, drive efficiency and innovate in wine sustainability through annual, scale-based dues.

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Working groups

Key and emerging topics will have dedicated research projects co-funded by the SWR members.

Their role is to tackle significant sustainability issues which members have identified and come up with a plan for action. They will gain clarity, advance the discussion and agreement through research and collaboration and enable knowledge sharing among all parts of the value chain.

The most salient topics highlighted by Members to start with are:

  1. Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGs) – Alignment on best practice in calculation and reporting. Longer term develop and align on guidance for mitigation.
  2. Climate Adaptation – Priorities for action in the vineyard – Best practice and enabling implementation through shared experience.
  3. Packaging – Harmonising collection of data; setting packaging priorities; low carbon options and their availability.
  4. Vineyard Inputs – Setting out the key issues and developing a roadmap for sustainable improvements.
  5. Social/Human Rights – A shared view of social, community and labour rights issues and solutions in the wine supply and distribution chain.

SWR has a place for you – to collaborate on sustainability definitions and standards while you grow your network for practical collaboration.

How to join

If you would like to find out more information on membership or how you can contribute to the SWR, please get in touch here.