About us

A Unique Coalition: The Sustainable Wine Roundtable (SWR) is the only global, independent, non-profit, multistakeholder roundtable built to include everyone in the wine sector.

Bringing Clarity through Consensus: Working together, SWR members will define sustainable wine in practical detail, while respecting and reflecting local conditions and contexts.

Setting the Standard: Drawing on input from the membership, the SWR will develop a global wine sustainability standard.

The SWR will enable the wine community to take its place as a leader on the world sustainability stage through clarity, collaboration and consensus.

To find out more about the SWR Global Sustainability Standard – its purpose, scope and benefits please Click Here

What will the SWR do?

  • Lead the development of global sustainability standards and the sharing of best practices
  • Enable collaboration among regional, industry and company certification schemes
  • Be an advocacy organisation promoting incentives that reward sustainable practices
  • Host technical working groups on critical issues
  • Enable information sharing through discussion and networking
  • Research into current and emerging areas of sustainability for ongoing relevance
  • Climate change

  • Energy & water conservation

  • Pest control

  • Biodiversity

  • Shipping

  • Certification

  • Carbon neutrality

  • Packaging options

  • Consumer perception

  • Standards

  • Metrics

  • Waste management

  • Best practices

  • Compliance

How we are organised

Founding Members 

A Founding Team of passionate volunteers from different walks of the wine industry have been working together to lay the groundwork of the Roundtable.

This Founding Team have been joined by more than 50 Pioneering Founding Members, with a significant organisational commitment to sustainability. They have committed to shape the structure of the next phase and beyond through their time, expertise and finance. They represent a true cross section of the global wine industry by sector and geography.

General Members

General membership of the SWR is open to all stakeholders from the wine trade. Members will be encouraged to participate in working groups, forums, research and the development of the global sustainability standard.

Advisors and Ambassadors 

We are delighted to partner with key individuals and representatives of non-profit organisations who bring deep knowledge in critical and emerging areas. These expert advisors are invited to participate and are led by Richard Bampfield MW, one of the originators of the SWR.

Advisors and Ambassadors include:

Ignacio Gavilan, Director of Sustainability, The Consumer Goods Forum

Caroline Hermann MW

Etelle Higonnet, Senior Advisor, National Wildlife Federation

Linda Johnson-Bell, CEO, The Wine and Climate Change Institute

Dr. Greg Jones, CEO and Climatologist, Abacela Winery

Dr. Simon Lord, Independent Sustainability Advisor

Sandra Taylor, Founder and President, Sustainable Business International


The SWR Secretariat underpins the day-to-day running of the SWR. They are:

Toby Webb – Executive Director

Chris Wille – Sustainability Advisor

Tom Owtram – Outreach and Development Manager

The first year


We have an interim governance model to get started and to enable shaping a permanent model which will be presented to members for their consideration at the first Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Q2 2022.

In the meantime, representatives from the Founding Members are engaged in helping set the direction of the roundtable while launching and participating in working groups.

Key areas of action

Priorities until the first AGM in 2022 are:

– Mapping and benchmarking existing sustainability standards

– Kicking off Working Groups to start the deep dive on priority topics

– Launching general membership

– Confirming the ongoing governance model

These areas of action are supported by the SWR Secretariat, the Advisors and Ambassadors and from the ongoing support of Founding Members.

SWR Founding Team

Anna Chilton
Independent Wine and Supply Chains Expert
Anne Jones
Waitrose Category Manager: Wines, Beers and Spirits
Chris Wille
Independent Sustainable Agriculture Advisor
Kirk Wille
President & Director of Marketing, Loosen Bros (USA)
Lauren Holman
Export Manager & Sustainability Lead, Château Léoube (Provence)
Richard Bampfield
Sally Evans
Owner & Winemaker, Château George 7 (Bordeaux)
Tobias Webb
Co-Founder, Sustainable Wine Ltd / CEO, Innovation Forum
Tom Owtram
Outreach & Development Manager, Sustainable Wine Ltd