About us

Sustainable Wine Roundtable (SWR) is a unique coalition – the only global, independent roundtable to include the whole value chain.

SWR catalyses and drives collective action and knowledge sharing. Whether you are a producer, distributor, retailer, a logistics partner or a researcher, take your place at the table.

Working together, we are developing practical tools which include a global sustainability reference standard. 

SWR is also working with members across the wine industry to develop collaborative action and tools on areas such as vineyard chemistry, labour standards, packaging and bottle weight and low carbon logistics.

Follow the link to view the SWR introductory deck: Click here

What will the SWR do?

  • Lead the development of SWR Global Sustainability Reference Standard
  • Enable collective action across the wine value chain to develop tools and best practice
  • Provide a platform for dialogue, advocacy, collaboration and active problem sharing
  • Create and facilitate technical working groups on critical issues
  • Enable information sharing through discussion and networking
  • Research into current and emerging areas of sustainability risk and opportunity
  • Climate change

  • Energy & water conservation

  • Pest control

  • Biodiversity

  • Shipping

  • Certification

  • Carbon neutrality

  • Packaging options

  • Consumer perception

  • Standards

  • Metrics

  • Waste management

  • Best practices

  • Compliance


SWR Members 

50 pioneering Founding Members with a significant commitment to sustainability laid the groundwork of the SWR in 2021. Today our members make more than 70 wine businesses, academic institutions and NGOs.

They represent a true cross section of the global wine industry by sector and geography.

To apply for membership: Click Here

Leadership Committee 

The Leadership Committee is responsible for ensuring the SWR delivers against its Mission, Purpose and Objectives and providing oversight on the governance, financial budget, and delivery of strategy.

Our Leadership Committee Members:

Richard Bampfield MW (UK)

Dom de Ville, The Wine Society (UK)

Will Drayton, Treasury Wine Estates (USA)

Marcus Ihre, Systembolaget (Sweden)

Katie Pease, Sustainable Winegrowing British Columbia (Canada)

Stefano Stefanucci, EQUALITAS (Italy)

James Streeter, SWR (Chair to Leadership Committee) (UK)

Marta Juega Rivera, Alliance Wine (Spain)

Andrés Valero, Grupo Avinea (Argentina)

Membership Engagement Group 

The SWR Membership Engagement Group (MEG) is an active working group that engages members at a detailed level across the entire membership.

Participants have the opportunity to engage with members on key issues as directed by the Leadership Committee.

The MEG provides information, solutions and feedback to the Board.

Co-chairs of the MEG:

Sally Evans (Château George 7), Tom Owtram (Operations and Partnerships Manager)

SWR Operations Team 

The SWR Operations Team underpins the day to day running of the SWR, with the key function being to develop and implement the strategy and operational plan.

Our Team

Toby Webb, Executive Director

Tom Owtram, Operations and Partnerships Manager

James Streeter, Chairman of the Advisory Board

Dr. Peter Stanbury, Head of Research

Veronika Busel, Project Lead

Hanna Halmari, Editor of Sustainable Wine

Delaney Sheridan, Marketing and Communications Intern

SWR Ambassadors 

We are delighted to partner with key individuals and representatives who bring deep knowledge in critical and emerging areas.

These expert advisors are invited to contribute when relevant issues arise:

Our Ambassadors

Louise Doucet, Director Sustainability Advisory, ABN Amro Bank N.V

Ignacio Gavilan, Director of Sustainability, The Consumer Goods Forum

Caroline Hermann, MW

Etelle Higonnet, Senior Advisor, National Wildlife Federation

Dr. Greg Jones, CEO and Climatologist, Abacela Winery

Peter Lacy, Global Sustainability Services Lead & Chief Responsibility Officer, Accenture

Dr. Simon Lord, Independent Sustainability Advisor

Vidya Narasimhan, Independent Wine Consultant

Operational Plan - 2022 to 2023

Key areas of action for 2022/2023

Development of Global Reference Standard for sustainable wine

Global mapping and benchmarking  of existing local and regional standards

Delivery of co-funded member driven projects

SWR Global Conference Series 2023

SWR Quarterly Live Panel Discussions

SWR Monthly Webinars

These areas of action are supported by the SWR Leadership Committee, Operations Team, Membership Engagement Group and from the ongoing support of Founding Members.